As I write this, I’m listening to Barack Obama’s speech at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.  Talk about leaders!  Both men rose above their circumstances and led their nation to a better future.  I have to admit to some hero worship with Barack.  The way he wore his power lightly, the way his values infuse everything he does – he is a leader to admire, a person to emulate.

It is the part about values that inspires me when I am in a leadership role.  As the director of residential care homes for elders, my second highest value was paying staff a livable wage and great benefits.  My highest value was providing excellent care to those we serve. 

These are the values I want to bring to the Legislature.  I want all Vermonters to earn a livable wage.  I believe health care is a human right.  Government should serve the people, all of us, and serve us well. 

I am a progressive Democrat.  If I win, I know that not all my constituents will agree with my values or the fervor with which I hold them.  But I can promise you, that is who I am and why I run.