"Primary Election Candidate Recommendation: Cindy Jerome"

From Greg Brown, long-time local resident, Commissioner of Housing and Community Affairs in the Howard Dean administration, former Director of the Chittendon Regional Planning Commission, and former Dummerston Selectboard member:

Voters in Dummerston, Putney and Westminster have three excellent candidates to choose from in the August 14 primary election seeking to serve them in the Vermont House of Representatives, but one clearly stands out.

Cindy Jerome is a highly qualified, experienced leader who will bring the strength, the values and the commitment essential to success in Vermont`s legislature.

During my 20 year career in leadership roles in Vermont state and local government, I learned what personal attributes are necessary to get things done in our Statehouse. Cindy lives them all; the ability to listen carefully to her constituents, the creativity to address the complex challenges facing our state, and a deep commitment to the values that set Vermont apart from other states.

As Dummerston`s Town Meeting Moderator, as the Executive Director of Holton Home, and as a member of the Dummerston Selectboard, Cindy has successfully managed people and institutions through difficult times of change. Now, more than ever, we need the kind of leadership that Cindy Jerome has to offer.

Greg Brown, Dummerston